‘Ajax-PSV was advertising for the Eredivision’

We had to wait six months for the first top in the top division, but Sunday it was finally there. Ajax took on PSV in his own house. The entertaining topper ended in a draw (2-2). โ€œThis match was advertising for the top division,โ€ said Ibrahim Afellay at the table of Studio Football.

โ€œ From the first minute PSV collapsedโ€, analysed former PSVer Afellay. โ€œAjax was not in use in the first twenty minutes. If you get a 2-0 head start like that, youre waiting for PSV to go on and over, but as the game progressed, you already felt it was slipping through their hands.โ€

โ€œ At the beginning of the match, they were able to keep the lines close together, but at some point they couldnt do that anymoreโ€, according to Afellay. โ€œThey brought too little depthโ€, added Van Hooijdonk. โ€œWhether that is fatigue, I do not know. But its not the first time theyve had such a decay in a competition.โ€

Ajax returned strongly in the second half, but Rafael van der Vaart and Afellay were quite critical of midfielder Davy Klaassen. โ€œAjax played unaccustomed and many wrong choices were made. Klaassen just did not dare to play forward, that was a bit disappointing me,โ€ said Van der Vaart.

โ€œ You expect from an Ajax midfielder of that caliber to be able to play out under the pressure of PSV, that you are creative,โ€ Afellay said. โ€œGravenberch, for example, does. He always has a creative solution ahead.โ€

Assist Milling Outside Category

The game of PSV attacker Donyell Malen fell to the liking. โ€œWhen you see how he puts the ball away at the first goal, thats outside category,โ€ Afellay praised Malens assist at Eran Zahavis first goal.

According to Van Hooijdonk, Malen does not yet have to make the move to a foreign club. โ€œHes been playing PSV for less than four years. He must first make sure that he becomes the best in the Dutch competition. Once you have reached that status, you can continue.โ€

Record purchase Sรฉbastien Haller started in the top between Ajax and PSV on the bank. โ€œBecause he had a busy week,โ€ said Erik ten Hag. The analysts at the Studio Football table disagreed with that. โ€œThat is such nonsense,โ€ said Pierre van Hooijdonk. โ€œAs if its higher math to play in the striker of Ajax. Come on, Hallers from the Premier League. He really knows what to do.โ€

โ€œ Haller is no doubt for me,โ€ continued Van Hooijdonk. โ€œHe has depth, a good rounding and is physically very strong.โ€ Rafael van der Vaart agreed with that. โ€œHaller should always let you play. Hes a superfit guy.โ€

Haller came in immediately after rest and immediately proved his worth to the people of Amsterdam. The 26-year-old Frenchman first found the net himself, but his goal was rejected by the VAR because of offside play. A little later, he gave the assist to Antonys equalizer.

When asked whether Haller Ajax will make champion this season, Van Hooijdonk answered convincingly. โ€œThis is a purchase to secure the championship. Thats what Ajax is all about, and I think Haller will. You do not make interim purchases for nothing.โ€

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