Ajax refuses bid, Perez stunned: He doesnt seem to me an indispensable player?

Kenneth Perez understands very little of why Ajax did not accept Stade Renness bid on Edson รlvarez. Reportedly, the French team wanted to pay twenty million euros for the Mexican, but Ajax rejected the bid.
รlvarez came to Ajax for fifteen million euros, which could have earned five million euros from the midfielder. โ€œI find him a disturbing factor in the game at Ajax
s ball,โ€ Perez starts at the table at ESPN Football Talk. โ€œI understand that you have to have someone who can conquer a ball, but if you dont return the ball so often, you dont have to reclaim it too often.โ€
Overmars stated a while ago that Ajax has to sell for 50 million euros to players each season. That hasnt succeeded so far, which makes Perez wondering if it is really necessary. โ€œIf you have to sell – what you say yourself – and thats a player you have a bid on, then its quite plausible that youre doing that? He doesnt seem to me an indispensable player?โ€