Ajax striker Haller talks example: ‘I even had a shirt from his’

Sébastien Haller faces Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba and Raúl. The latter in particular impressed the Ajax striker, which states that he can learn something from any player.
In an interview with the Ajax club channels, Haller talks about who he looks up to. There are a few top strikers you can always learn from, such as Ibrahimovic, Henry, Drogba and Raúl, states the Ivorian, who is particularly enamored by the latter. I love watching his goals. I even had a shirt of his. I like him very much. He wasn‘t a very fast-paced or athletic player, like Thierry Henry. Raúl had a very good technique, was elegant and always in the right place.
Haller doesn’
t just look at top players to raise things up. I think you can learn something from everyone, he says. Even from your teammates and other players in the Premier League.