Ajax to a lesser extent: ‘More irritation in the group, but we stay together’

Remko Pasveer notices that the lesser results do not leave Ajaxs selection indifferent. The 38-year-old goalkeeper, who also receives some criticism himself, does not find it strange that he now has significantly more to do.
โ€œCompared to last season, I
m busier now, but thats inherent in all the changes within the club. The strengths need to be developed again, we are busy doing that. That takes time,โ€ says Pasveer at Ajax TV. He believes that the impact of all changes is underestimated. โ€œLast year, for example, at the beginning, I spoke a lot with Lisandro Martรญnez. You learn from each other, bringing you to an ever higher level.โ€
The goalkeeper acknowledges that things are sometimes difficult at the moment. โ€œAll we can do is work hard, talk about it and keep going. That is something that we are very busy doing.โ€ Last Sunday, Ajax was released with the fright against FC Volendam. โ€œWe started doing other things and we were often looking for difficult solutions. In addition, it also has to do with trust. If you
re in a good phase, its easier to get over that.โ€
Pasveer thinks that trust will grow if Ajax wins again. โ€œIt can be so fast. The last few weeks have been doing quite well on a personal level. I make a mistake against FC Volendam and you
ll hear all the sounds right away. But Im not so quick to let myself talk things into it.โ€ The lower results do have an impact on the atmosphere in the team. โ€œThere is more irritation in the group, but we will stay together. Everything that is said remains internal. That is important and a positive thing about this group.โ€
Pasveer hopes for a rematch against Napoli in the Champions League on Wednesday. โ€œWe go there to accelerate and to show that we are a good team in Europe. Everyone will be keen to get a good result.โ€