Ajax trainer Ten Hag: “We played against more than eleven players”

Erik ten Hag believes that Ajax wasn‘t just playing PSV. Everything was against for his team, he said afterwards.
Ajax came ahead and was better than PSV, which turned the tide in the second half. Two Amsterdam goals were frowned upon. In top football, sometimes there are powers and powers that you can’
t describe, you can‘t find out, says Ten Hag at the press conference.
Today, everything was against us, but everything was. We played against more than eleven players. No, I’
m not talking about the arbitration. We showed character and should not have lost this match, but it did happen, he says.
For captain Dusan Tadic, everything is now focused on winning the title. It would have helped if we won the prize. There are a lot of rumors about our players, but that‘s normal. We have to deal with that and get up now, show that we are big boys. It’s five more games, the most important prize is to be taken.