Ajax wants to donate television money to other clubs: ‘Then we deliver millions in’

Ajax wants a different distribution of television fees in the Netherlands. The leader of the Eredivisie agrees to donate a higher percentage to other clubs, but wants the competition to be better sold abroad.

According to Voetbal International and NRC Handelsblad, Ajax hopes that commercial revenues will increase when the Eredivisie can be seen in more countries. The people of Amsterdam would have noticed that the Dutch competition can be seen in fewer and fewer countries and where it is possible, the matches will be broadcast on small channels.
In the NRC, commercial director Menno Geelen tells us that he hopes that other top clubs will also like to think along. โ€œSince some clubs stick to the guarantee amount, we are now always opting for short-term money instead of daring to look at the long term. And this means that there are clubs, especially the big ones, that opt for choices for reach and awareness and that there are clubs that want the certainty that they get money.โ€
By having the Eredivisie broadcast in more foreign countries, Ajax hopes to benefit all clubs. โ€œThen we think that clubs, like Ajax, should also dare to say ‘then divide national television money more evenly. ‘ Then you are guaranteed to give the middle and right row of clubs more money. Ajax will turn in millions of TV money per year.โ€