Alarm bells go off at KNVB: bond implements changes after Covid test Greens

The KNVB is making changes after the positive corona test by Jackie Groenen, write De Cceit and the Algemeen Dagblad. Players keep more distance from the rest immediately and interviews with the writing press are done digitally.
After Greens tested positive for corona and thus in isolation, all alarm bells must have been set off at the KNVB. A part of the player group went into the stands after the 1-1 against Sweden to seek contact with family members and friends.
That is now a thing of the past. Not only do players have to keep a distance from others, but writing media are no longer allowed to come close. Interviews are therefore done digitally in order to minimize the chance of transmission.
This Wednesday, the Netherlands will play a group match against Portugal, the second of the European Championships. In exactly seven days, Switzerland will be the opponent.