Alarm phase 1 after coronapers conference: ‘Major consequences, also for next season’

The concerns of the Dutch professional clubs were not diminished during the coronapers conference on Tuesday: only if there is risk level 2 โ€” and this is not the case for the time being โ€” the public could return to the stadiums. Jan de Jong, director of interest association Eredivisie CV, fears the worst.

The current lockdown has been officially extended to 2 March. The chance that the audience will be able to come back to the stadiums this season has therefore become a lot smaller. โ€œWith every match that a club plays without an audience, the financial need increases. This has major consequences for this season, but possibly also for next season,โ€ says De Jong to De Cceit.
Prior to the season, the clubs had assumed that in January they could return to the stadiums. โ€œA number of clubs had been budgeted from January to play with limited audience or even already in a full stadium. Between 40 and 60 percent of the income is usually from stadium visits. All clubs now have problemsโ€, says De Jong.
The director of the Eredivisie CV sincerely hopes that at least a few matches can be played with the public this season, so that potential stadium visitors do not drop out permanently. โ€œFootball and supporters, that love must be maintained. That is why we are so committed to being able to play with the audience this season, even if only a few times. This is essential towards next seasonโ€, says De Jong, who also realizes that this is not possible at the moment. โ€œFootball is not outside society, we are not blind and deaf. But the problems are increasing.โ€