Alarm phase one by Feyenoord

It is an alert phase one in Austria after the 6-0 washing of Feyenoord. Sturm Graz was only an extra in De Kuip and suffered the biggest European defeat ever. This is what the Austrian newspapers write.
Feyenoord lost 4-2 to SS Lazio last week, but has more than made up for that against Sturm Graz. ‘Historical debacle for Sturm Graz’, headlines Die Presse. โ€œThis is the biggest defeat in Europe ever. The record stood at a difference of five goals. Sturm trainer Stormcoach Christian Ilzer had promised courage and conviction beforehand, but that was short-lived. It all happened way too fast for Sturm‘s players. The fact that the accompanying Sturm fans had reported police brutality was completely in line with this dark evening.โ€
โ€œAfter the first Europa League match won, everything went wrong for Sturm. It took a record defeat at Feyenoord, ‘
says Kurier. โ€œThese are those days when everything goes wrong. Where not only points and confidence, but also players are lost (Emegha was injured, ed.). Sturm Graz experienced one of these dog days in the second game of the group stage of the Europa League. Ilzer was already thinking about Sunday‘s game against at halftime and freed defenders Wรผthrich and Gorenc-Stankovic from their unpleasant working day: they already had a card. ‘
Sturm was still able to get along with Feyenoord in the early stages, but got four of them before the break. ‘Sturm Graz started the Europa League well with a 1-0-win over FC Midtjylland, but the sequel at Feyenoord ended in a fiasco. At halftime, it was already 4-0 and the game was lost, eventually it became 6-0. Of course, Feyenoord entered the game as a favorite at home and not just because it has an Austrian in the squad (Gernot Trauner, ed.), while Sturm has none. Feyenoord was still in a European final last year. Nevertheless, Ilzer was quite optimistic in the run-up to the game, also because Feyenoord messed up the start against Lazio. ‘
โ€œSurviving the first wave of attack was Sturm‘s first goal in Rotterdam, after nine minutes that mission had already failed,โ€ says Wiener Zeitung. โ€œA bad start – but it got worse: after 18 minutes, Emegha was carried on a stretcher off the field. The Dutchman fell out with a shoulder injury and was taken to hospital during the competition. ‘