Alec Baldwin didnt know his gun was loaded

Actor Alec Baldwin thought he was holding an unloaded gun when he shot a camera woman yesterday. Police investigation shows that.

An assistant director gave him the gun and said it was empty. According to the police, they didn‘t know they had bullets.

More common

US journalists say firearms were more likely to go wrong on this movie set. Previously, a stuntman would have accidentally fired two bullets, while he also thought there was nothing in the gun.

So yesterday it went all wrong. Alec Baldwin shot a camera woman and the director was injured. How that could happen isn’t clear yet.

Yesterday we made this video about that:

Alec Baldwin responded later in the day via Twitter. He writes that he finds it horrible. โ€œI have no words to convey my shock and sorrow at the tragic accident that took life to Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and highly valued colleague of ours,โ€ he writes.

In the message, he says he wants to cooperate with the police investigation into the event.