Alec Baldwin: I didnt pull trigger in shooting incident movie set

Actor Alec Baldwin gave a TV interview for the first time since the fatal shooting incident on a movie set. In a released excerpt, Baldwin denies that he pulled the trigger from the gun that killed a camera woman.

โ€œI would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. Never,โ€ says Baldwin in the excerpt of the ABC News interview, which will air tomorrow. The fragment does not show how the camera woman died. She has been shot in the chest, and in images known so far, it seems undeniable that Baldwin is the shooter.

Check out ABC‘s announcement here:

Baldwin also says in the released excerpt that he is constantly wondering how the incident could have happened. โ€œSomeone must have put a real bullet in that gun,โ€ he says. โ€œI don’t know how a real bullet ended up on the movie set.โ€

In the two-hour broadcast, according to ABC News, Baldwin talks extensively about his connection with the camera woman, who would have been a friend of the actor. โ€œEveryone admired her,โ€ says Baldwin about the late wife, 42-year-old Halyna Hutchins.

Multiple charges

The shooting happened during October shooting of the western film Rust, of which Baldwin is both a producer and one of the protagonists. The director of the film was also injured. The Santa Fe authorities are still investigating the incident. In the meantime, it is established that there were several bullets on the set.

The Rust movie set:

Baldwin is not yet under criminal charges. However, the actor has been sued by several people. For example, a lighting technician states that Baldwin has been negligent. Two weeks ago, a new charge for irresponsible behavior came in, by the script supervisor, who stated that the abandonment of the weapon was never in the script.

Several TV series have captivated blanks on film sets in response to the Baldwin case. From now on, digital effects will be used.

In this video we show how it actually works with weapons on film sets and what the power of blanks is: