Alexei Navalny on his way to Moscow, says himself “innocent”

Cunning opponent Alexey Navalny left Berlin on Sunday, where he was treated after suspected poisoning, to reach Moscow, claiming himself innocent while threatened with arrest on landing, an AFP journalist said on board.

Am I going to be arrested? it is impossible, I am innocent, he said in front of journalists aboard the aircraft that took off at about 14:15 GMT from Berlin airport.

Upon entering the plane he again thanked Germany for organizing his treatment and recovering.

I want to express a great thank you, thank you all, I hope everything will go perfectly, today I am very happy, he said, after being taken directly to his plane, with his wife Yulia, by the German police as a security measure.

Since President Vladimir Putins worst enemy announced on Wednesday his intention to return to his country, the Russian Prison Service (FSIN) has warned him and assured that they would be forced to arrest him for violating the conditions of a conditional sentence he received in 2014.

Alexey Navalny, 44, swept away these maneuvers, according to him, aimed at frightening him and called on his supporters to come and greet him at the Moscow airport in Vnukovo, where his plane was to land at 19:20 (16:20 GMT).