All about a day full of skating fun in the Netherlands

On Saturday 13 February there was more than enough ice to skate. In this article you will see a report of the day.

19.20 That‘s what a day of skating fun looked like

18.50 Ice skating in Utrecht

Reporter Tamara went to Utrecht. A lot of children went to the ice on the Merwedekanaal. But not everyone had skates.

18.30 And tomorrow?

Tonight it gets very cold again. It freezes between -6 and -11 degrees. As a result, an extra layer of ice is added. Also on Sundays you can skate in many places. Sunday afternoon it is slowly getting warmer. On Monday, the skating fun is really over: then the thaw goes and the ice melts quickly.

18.00 Your videos

You love ice and snow, and you can see it. We got a lot of videos and pictures. Most of the kids went skating, but we also got a video of an ice sconce and someone even went into the icy water!

17.35 Wind and Ice

Of course you can skate, but you can also sail or even surf the ice!

This video we made earlier this week about ice sailing:

16.40 Wak-chess

You just have to feel like it: chess in a wak! Two men from Wageningen did that today. They sat down in the ice as a joke and then decided to grab their chessboard. Frosty cold, but according to Guido, one of the chess players, gets used to it by itself.

16.30 Beautiful drone images

A drone from DeccEit flew over the Netherlands. From the air you can see how everyone enjoys skating.

15.30 Jar of ice hockey

It is almost never possible in the Netherlands: ice hockey on natural ice. At Kinderdijk it was possible today and it looks like this:

14.45 You skate on it!

We get hundreds of pictures of children who are skating in our mailbox. Below you can see a few of them.

14.00 Roads closed by large crowds


many places in nature it is getting too busy now. In Groningen, Leeuwarden, Zuidplas, Zoetermeer and Blaricum, roads and parking spaces near natural ice are completely crowded. Councils call not to go there anymore. At Kinderdijk and the Maarsseveense and Loosdrechtse lakes it was already very busy this morning.

12.45 wet!

People also try to skate in Amsterdam. But the ice on the canals is not thick enough in all places. A woman fell through it and had to be saved.

Our reporter Noortje was trying to figure out what to do when you get into a wak earlier this week.

12.15 Carnival on the ice

Most people only think about skating this weekend, but it’s also carnival. By corona it is nowhere exuberantly celebrated. Ilya from‘s Hertogenbosch still celebrates a bit. He’s wearing his carnival outfit while skating.

11.30 Police officer enjoys the ice

Beautiful images from Haarlem. This police officer must‘ve been on figure skating before!

10.30 What are you going to do?

Of course, we are curious what you will do during this icy weekend. Send your video to and maybe you’ll see yourself again tonight in the broadcast or in this app.

10.00 Theorem

We also have a theorem about skating. Do you think it‘s great that you can skate now or do you not care so much?

09.30 It gets busier

At Kinderdijk all parking spaces were full at 07:30 this morning. People who are still driving there now have to turn around. There is also a traffic jam at the Loosdrechtse lakes.

Mayors and politicians warn that anyone who goes skating should think about the corona rules. The Skating Association says it’s best to skate in your own environment. For example, at a ditch or puddle near you.

09.00 The beginning of a skating weekend

It‘s weekend and there’s plenty of ice to skate. A lot of people are in the mood for that. You, too?


lot of people went ice skating on Friday. Then things got too busy in some places. Some roads to skating spots were therefore closed.