‘All clubs have kept appointments neatly except one club: Feyenoord’

The Dutch pro clubs suffered major losses due to the corona crisis, but the VVCS believes that the agreements with players about salary discounts have been well respected. Only one club gets the wind from the front of President Evgeniy Levchenko: Feyenoord.
โ€œI have to compliment almost all of the clubs in the Eredivisie and First Division, they have fulfilled all the appointments neatly. Except one club. That‘s Feyenoord. You should know that best,โ€ says the born Ukrainian to ESPN. โ€œWe have reached an agreement with players and clubs, making all clubs at the same level of salary cutting. Feyenoord did that more. We regret that, because we had made good deals with all clubs and all clubs committed to that.โ€
Levchenko further states that he is afraid that unemployment will increase among professional football players. โ€œA lot of clubs will be waiting. They’
re going to see if they can get any more budgets around. Players will also watch because they can receive less salary. We‘ll gather in a month and we’ll get a better idea of how many unemployed players will be present.โ€