All for the family: Crime comedy The Big Con is out on Steam

Independent studio Mighty Yell and Skybound Games released a humorous crime adventure on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC in the spirit of the 1990s The Big Con. . And Microsofts store valued it at $15.

The main character of The Big Con is a curious and sarcastic high school girl, Ali, who goes on a trip across the Americas of the 1990s. Along the way, she resorts to any mispermissible means: fooling crooks, pickpockets and scamperists, and doesnt bend to deceive strangers โ€” though to some decides to help.

Mom knows nothing about what is engaged by her daughter. But everything she does is for the familys sake: money is needed to save the family video shop from vile moneylenders.

Players have to master stealth, dressing, breaking and entering. Youll have to eavesdrop, talk, and remember to call your mother from time to time, but never let her know what youre doing to do.

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