All in! Games no longer acts as publisher of War Mongrels

In March, publishing All in! Games announced that it plans to release War Mongrels military action film simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the third quarter of 2021. These plans changed: the release date was October 19, and All in! Games is no longer involved. The news that Hatred and Ancestors Legacy have changed their publisher began to appear in the summer.

But only recently on the Steam page instead of All in! Games appeared Surefire. Games and DMM Games โ€” Asia.

Although the official press release was never released, the head of the company confirmed that the ways of the studio and publisher had diverged. As it turned out, Destructive Creations had a vision of the game too different from that wanted a publishing house.

After a series of negotiations, the company decided not to force the studio into anything, especially since it already had a successful experience in self-publishing games. Still All in! Games is contractually entitled to a share of the sales and lists the game in its financial reports.

Meanwhile, War Mongrels participated in Steams โ€œGames to Beโ€ festival. And its demo was a success: it was downloaded 24,086 times.

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