All international sea cables Tennet at the same time defective

All three Tennet‘s international sea cables were out at the same time last night. The network operator speaks of an exceptional situation.

The malfunctions have nothing to do with each other. The subsea power cable between the Eemshaven and Denmark fell out last night due to a computer failure. That has now been corrected, reports RTV Noord.

The 325 kilometer long cable was already out between September and early January due to a break.

Other defects

The electricity cable between the Eemshaven and Norway has also been faulty since Monday. The cause of that malfunction is not yet known. According to Tennet, it depends on the weather conditions when the cable can be examined. It may be back in operation in April. The cable has fallen out more often.

Since 8 December the sea cable between the Maasvlakte and England has been out. Tennet’s still in the process of recovery.

According to the grid operator, the power supply in the Netherlands is not endangered by the faulty cables, because sufficient power can be obtained from other electricity sources. The Netherlands is also connected to, for example, Germany and Belgium via other electricity connections.