All kidnapped high school students in Nigeria released

In north-western Nigeria, 29 pupils were released who were abducted at the beginning of March. This reports news agency Reuters based on the local association of parents.

The kidnappers took a group of 39 students from a secondary school under threat of weapons, ten students were released earlier. The school is located in the city of Kaduna, near a military base.

It is not clear where they have been in the meantime, and how they are. It is also unknown who is behind the kidnapping. According to the local parents association, ransom has been paid.


There are regular gangs in and around Kaduna, trying to get ransom through kidnappings. A recent report by a Nigerian Security Institute shows that โ€œthe abduction economy in Nigeriaโ€ is producing more and more money.

Earlier in March, 279 schoolgirls were liberated who had been kidnapped a few days before. And also in February and December, kidnappings took place.