All names new cabinet known: Hoekstra on Foreign Affairs and Kuipers on VWS

D66 and the CDA have announced who will become the new ministers and secretaries of state on behalf of those parties. That is why all the names of the new Rutte IV cabinet are known.

CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra becomes the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and his party mate Hugo de Jonge exchanges VWS for Housing. In addition, two old acquaintances return to The Hague on behalf of the CDA: former secretary of state Karien van Gennip (53), now director of insurer VGZ, becomes Minister of Social Affairs and Employment and former MP Hanke Bruins Slot (44), now deputy in Utrecht, goes Home Affairs do.

Former party chairman Marnix van Rij (61) goes to work as Secretary of State Taxation at the Ministry of Finance. Maastricht alderman Vivianne Heijnen (38) will be the new Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management on behalf of the CDA.

D66 announced its own list of names earlier this afternoon. As it became clear before, party leader Sigrid Kaag (60) is going to do finance. It has now also been confirmed that top scientist Robbert Dijkgraaf (61) will be the new Minister of Education, Culture and Science. He is still director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

Recently, the name of Ernst Kuipers (62) has already been mentioned much as the new Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. That name is now also confirmed. Kuipers is still chairman of the board of directors of Erasmus MC and became known during the corona crisis with his press conferences on hospital capacity. In his new role, he succeeds Hugo de Jonge.

Former group chairman Rob Jetten (34) becomes minister for Climate and Energy. On behalf of D66, he sat at the negotiating table for the new cabinet with Kaag.

The party also confirmed the transition from Kajsa Ollongren (54) from the Interior to Defence. This maintains a recent tradition for a woman to take sway over that ministry.

New face in The Hague will be Franc Weerwind (57), as new minister for Legal Protection. He has been mayor of Almere since 2015, and before that van Velsen.

D66 also provides three secretaries of state. Alexandra van Huffelen (53), now still Secretary of State for Finance and responsible for handling the Allowance Scandal, becomes Secretary of State for Kingdom Relations and Digitization. Her current colleague at Finance, Hans Vijlbrief (58) is now going to deal with the damage caused by gas extraction in Groningen as Secretary of State Mining.

The new faces in Rutte IVs ministerial team:

New name is Gunay Uslus (49). She will be the new Secretary of State for Culture and Media on behalf of D66. Uslu is a cultural historian and is on the board of various museums. In addition, she has been involved in travel company Corendon, which is led by her family.

On average, the new team of ministers is slightly older than Rutte IIIs when taking office: 49 against 50 years. Secretary of State Maarten van Ooijen (CU, Youth Care and Prevention) is the youngest with the age of 31.

Never so many women

There are more women than ever in the new cabinet. Of the 29 government officials around half, 14, are female. During the Council of Ministers, on Friday morning, the male to female ratio is exactly the same. Of the 20 ministers, 10 are women.

When Rutte III took office in 2017, that cabinet had 24 officials, including 9 women. Of the 16 ministers, 6 were women.

Coming days

In the coming days, former Mark Rutte will receive all intended governors of VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie one by one and on 10 January all new ministers and secretaries of state will be sworn in by King Willem-Alexander and follow the board photo with all ministers.