All riders Jumbo-Visma test negative

Where Jumbo-Visma is sportily in control in this Tour de France, there is a factor that remains uncertain, the spread of the coronavirus. During the rest day, the second big test round will take place during this Tour de France and although the team is doing everything possible to keep the infections out, team boss Richard Plugge admits that they are not entirely in control.

“As far as possible, we managed to keep the bubble in which the team is sitting intact”, he says. “We have not seen and spoken to anyone at all for a fortnight, literally. “We dont come into contact with people from other teams either

Whole team tests negative

The team can enter the last week of the Tour de France with all riders. The tests that were taken with the riders on Sunday are all negative. Thats what the riders of the Dutch team heard on Monday, said season rider Primoz Roglic in an interview on the rest day. “We are very happy that we can cycle here for another week together”

The organisation of the Tour announces the results of the corona tests that have been held with all riders and staff members over the past two days on Tuesday morning. Last week, after the first day, four staff members of four different teams turned out to be positive. The Tour boss, Christian Prudhomme, also had to be quarantined for a week because his test for the corona virus gave a positive result. It is the intention that Prudhomme will be back in the race car on Tuesday.

Infection prevention

According to Plugge, Jumbo-Visma has always done a lot to prevent infection, also in order to minimize the chance of a cold, for example. “For example, we now use air cleaners to remove the aerosols from the air

The team is in the hotels alone or separated from other hotel guests, says Plugge. “In other years, family and friends or women would always come by on the day off. It is hard for the riders, but they know what they are doing and everyone is talking about it. Its very easy to kill that now. That really would be a shame

The team boss also knows that an infection is always possible. “If it happens, it happens. We can only do as well as we can do everything we can.”