All-Seeing Uncle Stope in Militsioner Gameplay Trailer

Russian studio TallBoys last year announced its new project, a flight simulator from the city Militsioner. The game made a lot of noise, and on the channel โ€œRussia 24โ€ developers were even accused of โ€œanti-government agendaโ€ and allusions to events in Belarus. the creators of Militsioner disagree.

They assure that their huge hero is definitely a positive character, and he reacts only to attempts to break the law. This is demonstrated in a new trailer with fragments of the game process.

Players in Militsioner will have an unusual role: a person about whom everyone in the city knows something terrible โ€” but we will stay in complete ignorance. Our task is to escape from the city in any way, but it is not so easy to do under the all-seeing eye of the Militianera.

In the trailer developers demonstrate voice control. Game technology allows you to appeal to any character, and they will respond to our attempts.

And to communicate with the Militiaman, it is necessary to shout, for this a special button is allocated. About the terms of release Militsioner is not yet known, but the game can already be added to the desired list on Steam.

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