Alliance of Valiant Arms online shooter to re-release on Steam

Neowiz is about to release on Steam an online shooter AVA Online, also known as Alliance of Valiant Arms. In 2018, En Masse Entertainment made the game unavailable to a global audience, but now it will come back refreshed and updated. The game takes place at the height of World War III, and the opposing sides are the New Russian Federation, restored by the USSR, and NATO countries represented by soldiers of the European Union.

Basically fights occur in major European cities. For the new release, the developers updated the visual part of the game and added a number of modern features.

Players are promised more than thirty cards and six types of missions, which gives many options for fights. And three available classes allow you to build tactics of the game differently.

AVA Online release is scheduled for April 1. But before that, developers intend to conduct beta testing of the game.

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