Almost 90: Players and critics have taken Eastward well

Publishing house Chucklefish and Shanghai studio Pixpil released on Steam and on Nintendo Switch the isometric role-playing game Eastward. And the premiere was successful. The game hit the top of Steam sales and was top of Steams sales for a while.

Players highly appreciated the pixel adventure. Eastward already has nearly 2,000 reviews, and they are very positive, with 88% of customers recommending the game.

And the average score on Metacritic is 85. A true masterpiece.

This is what comes to mind in the finale of the journey in the company of John and Sam. Varied level design, exciting storyline, funny and cute characters, fantastic graphics and sound.

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Eastward has it all. The neo-retro game Pixpil is more than a pale copy of the glorified originals, it has everything to be recognized as the jewel of 2D adventure games.

Gameblog. Freastward Pays Tribute respect to everything we loved about SNES era games.

It looks and feels like the play of our childhood, which we store deep in our hearts. I wondered if Eastward would be even better if you went through it sitting in Turkish on the floor in front of a TV with a giant kinescope and wired controller.

For gamers of a certain age, Eastward resembles a return to their home, and I didnt even know I missed it so much. Hey Poor Player More on Gamemania In the Wander Roleplaying Bagel Stars well create our own attacks In World of Warcraft code racism is destroyed: Blacklisted replaced with Blocklisted Players spent nearly 10 billion hours in Destiny series.