Almost all of Italy on Easter weekend in lockdown

The Italian government placed almost all of the country in a lockdown during the Easter days from 3 to 5 April. Thus, shops that would not be essential just like the hospitality industry remain closed. But from Monday onwards, many regions will again be subject to more restrictions than they are currently in force.

According to Prime Minister Mario Draghi and most regional leaders, the coronavirus is spreading dangerously quickly again. The leaders of the regions can take action themselves if they think they would be needed throughout the region or locally, according to ANSAs press office.

One White Zone

In the country of 60 million inhabitants, approximately 2860 people are currently in critical condition in hospitals due to coronainfection. It has been recorded in about one in twenty Italians and the country has over 100,000 deaths to Covid-19.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said that the white zones in the country where the spread of the virus would be low will be spared from the strict lockdown. But only Sardinia is currently labeled as a white zone.