Almost Autobiographical Adventure No Longer Home is out July 30

Independent British-Japanese studio Humble Grove and publishing house Fellow Traveller have announced a release date for adventure game No Longer Home. It will appear on RS on July 30 and will be on sale at Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble and GOG. com.

Studio Humble Grove founded two alumni of Camberwell College of Art. And in their debut project, working title 29, they tried to convey the feeling of insecurity and uncertainty about the future felt after the end of their studies.

No Longer Home, as its now called 29, the same feelings are experienced by two heroes, Bo and Ao. They have to pack things in an apartment theyve been filmed together for several years, and soon drive across different countries.

But in the process, memories come up, and with each of them, the world starts to change. Players have to explore the apartment, talk with friends, fry a barbecue, play video games and get to know the unusual a new neighbor, the multi-eyed Lou.

And watch heroes come to terms with an uncertain future. No Longer Home demo is available on Steam.

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