Almost half of Fortnites revenue is brought by PS4 owners

As part of the trial Epic Games and Apple, Fortnite‘s revenue distribution from different platforms became known. PlayStation 4, however surprised the breakaway itself – Sony console accounts for almost half of the turnover: PS4 – 46. 8% Xbox One – 27.

5% Nintendo Switch -? PC โ€”? iOS โ€” 7% Android โ€”?. iOS ended up in fifth place with 7% behind Nintendo Switch and PC โ€” their exact share, unfortunately, did not disclose, but the combined figure of Nintendo Switch, PC and Android is 18.

7% . In 2020, the share is expected was even lower โ€” only 5.

8%. The PS4 has โ€œalmost 40%โ€, and Xbox One has 24%.

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