Almost S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Tunguska: The Visitation will be released in June

Independent studio Rotorist Workshop, consisting of a single developer, in 2015 for the first time announced work on the debut project. Then the game was still named Warzone, but then it was renamed Tunguska: The Visitation. Four years ago in the service Itch.

io there was a demo version of Tunguska: The Visitation. And now the game page has opened on Steam: it means that the work is nearing completion.

The release is due on June 4. Tunguska: The Visitation is an isometric horror survivor inspired by the S.

T. A.

L. K.

E. R.

series and โ€œPicnic on the Roadsideโ€. Players will get to Tunguska Soviet times as a werewolf hunter and try to survive in harsh conditions, discovering the secrets of local history.

The game has elements of survival: the hero needs food, medicine, body energy. He‘s going to have to be in dangerous surroundings, fighting mutants and managing supplies.

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