Alpha testing of militant Lichenvale begins tomorrow

Serbian developer Filip Zemlyak announced that from February 1 to 15 will pass open alpha testing of his upcoming shooter with elements of the Lichenvale slasher. The creator of the game allows any streams and recordings of the passage, asks only for feedback. In the alpha version of Lichenvale, two levels and new training will be available, which will allow you to master the basics of melee.

After the completion of the second level, all progress will be saved, so you can continue your adventures over time from the same place. My career as a game designer Countryman started at Ubisoft, but then decided go to an independent model.

He‘s a big fan of classic first-person shooters like Hexen, Heretic, Doom, Blood and Strife. And his debut game is inspired by these projects.

The heroine Lichenvale is a young woman who is trapped in her own nightmares. She needs to make her way through the mazes of darkness, using hand-to-hand combat, spells and evasion.

The release version plans a story campaign with a dozen more complicated levels, bosses and small puzzles, as well as the โ€œNew Game+โ€ mode. More on Gambling Creators The Elder Scrolls make role-playing game The Wayward Realms In Rust there will be drones and mode for beginners The Way of Wrath, inspired by Baldur’s Gate, is out on Kickstarter.