Already thousands of residents in new camp on Lesbos

Some 5,000 migrants from the burned-out Moria camp have now arrived in Lesvos in their new shelter. This morning there are again long queues to get into the tent camp.

12.000 people became homeless because of the big fire in Moria a week and a half ago. The Greek authorities are trying to persuade them to move into the new tent camp. Special police teams are trying to persuade families, but some migrants are afraid of being locked up and would prefer to go to the mainland.

Nevertheless, the authorities are satisfied with how the move is going; they think that in a few days time everyone will be accommodated. The new camp will accommodate 8 000 people. That is much more than in Moria, where officially there was only room for 2700 residents.


Among the residents of the new camp, the coronavirus has been detected 135 times in the compulsory test that has to be carried out. Infected people are kept separate from the others present.

After the Moria fire, six Afghans were arrested on suspicion of arson, including two minors.