Also BBC World News now blocked by Chinese ‘Great Firewall’

The British news channel BBC World News is banned immediately in China. According to the authorities of the totalitarian country, the BBC โ€œbroke the rulesโ€ and did not comply with โ€œhonest and truthful messages about Chinaโ€.

The blockade seems to be a retaliation for the British decision to block the Chinese state channel CGTN. This was decided last week because CGTN is under strict control of the Chinese Communist Party. After that, Beijing threatened with countermeasures.

The BBC deplores the decision and stresses that the UK news channel is the most trusted worldwide for fair and impartial coverage. The blockade will only damage China‘s reputation, tweets British Foreign Minister Raab.

The British broadcaster ends up on a long list of Western news media blocked in China. Among other things, the websites of DeccEit, Trouw and de Volkskrant are not accessible from China. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook, Google’s services and online encyclopedia Wikipedia are also blocked by the Great Firewall.

That makes China one of the most restrictive countries in the world when it comes to Internet freedoms. On a ranking of the NGO Freedom House, which, among other things, monitors Internet freedom in countries, China ranks last.

In the clinch

The BBC blockade is the most recent escalation in the cloudy British-Chinese relations. Among other things, the two countries are in a difficult state about the situation in Hong Kong. In response to the repression in the former British crown colony, London has turned fiercely against Beijing and has offered a large proportion of Hong Kong residents a passport.