Also corona compensation for parents who pay childcare themselves

Parents who pay the full cost of childcare themselves are also compensated because they were unable to use the care because of the corona outbreak. Secretary of State Van ‘t Wout (Social Affairs) has earmarked 8.5 million euros for this.

In the spring, the reception centres were only open to children of parents with a crucial profession. Other parents had to look for an alternative, but received the bill.

For parents who receive childcare allowance and also pay a personal contribution, a compensation scheme had already been set up before, although there is dissatisfaction with the amounts that are paid out. People who pay childcare entirely by themselves were not covered by that scheme. These were the parents of approximately 3,700 children.


They did pay, but could not make use of the shelter. Van ‘t Wout is also of the opinion that it is unreasonable: “These parents also incurred costs during the lockdown, without being able to make use of the shelter. I think it’s important that they receive a compensation for that, just like other parents”

The exact amount of this compensation is not yet clear. The scheme will be further elaborated in the coming period.