Also digital problems at 50Plus: researcher released false voices

After the CDA also struggles 50Plus with voice stuff. At the members meeting last weekend, an investigator on several motions and the election of the president could cast false votes. This confirms the party after questions from the CCeit.

The 50 Plus meeting took place digitally. “But anyone could sign up for the digital meeting,” says researcher Jordy San Jose Sanchez, who previously demonstrated that the CDA election was open to manipulation. He took part in a number of ballots, including the first round of the presidential election.

50Plus confirms the problem. “Initially we asked members for their membership numbers for verification, but that was too big a barrier for our members”, says Anneke van der Helm of the party board of 50Plus.


The party claims to have checked all registrations for the digital meeting in advance. “A late application slipped through,” says Van der Helm.

The casting of extra votes did not succeed San Jose Sanchez. Therefore, anyone who would like to manipulate the vote would have to register in advance with multiple names and thus vote from multiple accounts.


San Jose Sanchez informed 50Plus in advance that the election might be susceptible to manipulation. According to 50Plus, the fact that the investigator was nevertheless able to cast a false vote is due to the fact that he used the name of a real member.

“Despite the fact that I did not fill in a phone number, while the party did ask for it”, he says. He also used an e-mail address of the Russian technology company Yandex. “I don’t think that many 50Plus members have that,” says the researcher.


The software that 50Plus used for its members’ meeting never seems to be intended for digital voting, says researcher Benjamin Broersma. He also took a close look at the election. “The software is intended for digital meetings, not for casting votes. It’s striking that they were warned, but that invalid votes slipped through,” says Broersma.

The organizer of the meeting, Online Seminar, states that it is a human error of 50Plus. “Our platform is not to blame”, let the company know to the CCeit.

Researcher Broersma warned the party in advance about possible problems with the vote:

The new chairman of the party, Jan Nagel, does not lie awake to the problems. “One voice, that can’t hurt,” he says to the CCeit.