Also First Chamber agrees to new evening clock law

The new evening clock law can be introduced. The First Chamber has approved the emergency law, intended to give curfew a stronger legal basis. The roll-call vote showed that 45 of the 58 senators present agreed to the law submitted this week. A day earlier, a majority in the House of Representatives had already expressed its support for the law. โ€œWith this the bill has been accepted,โ€ says First Chamber President Bruijn.

The text of the new law – officially: Temporary law limiting stay in the open air Covid-19 – has been drafted this week in a hurry. The Cabinet wanted to have a legally sound law in place in the event of the appeal court rejecting the law. In the afternoon it turned out that the judgment in that case will not come until next Friday.

Unadeous basis

This current law has arisen a great deal of discussion and confusion this week. That happened on Tuesday when the court in The Hague, in a lawsuit by the Viruswaarheid foundation, ruled that the law was not right and had to be repealed immediately. The law is based on the Extraordinary Powers Civil Authority Act (Wbbbg), intended for acute emergencies. And the judge felt that there was no such situation.

For a moment, the idea was that everyone could go back to the streets immediately in the evening after 9 p.m., but the cabinet managed to maintain the curfew for the time being by means of another court decision.

In the event that next week the court sets a line through the curfew based on the Wbbbg, the Cabinet now has a law in place with a stronger legal basis.

Critical Senate

Minister Grapperhaus received a lot of criticism in the Senate, just like the day before in the House of Representatives, because the cabinet had failed to introduce the curfew.

The government parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie and the opposition parties SP, GroenLinks, PvdA and the Otten Group approved Grapperhauss bill after a long day of debate.

The law goes into effect this weekend. The curfew is valid until the morning of March 3. On Tuesday, the Cabinet will announce whether the curfew will be extended and whether there will be any easing.