Also fishing boat that slipped from Eemslift Hendrika into safety

Norwegian salvage salvage has brought the fishing vessel AQS Tor to safety. This week the ship struck the heavy weather of the Dutch freighter Eemslift Hendrika, which was on its way to the port town of Kolvereid with six more sailing yachts and fishing vessels on board.

The Eemslift Hendrika got into trouble on Monday and threatened to capsize because the cargo was shifting. The crew was disembarked and the ship was left unsteadly on the impetuous sea. Then the AQS Tor slipped off board.

The Norwegian Coast Guard was watching the ship:

Bergers of Boskalis managed to tow the Dutch freighter away today. It is now moored in the port of ร…lesund. The owner of the fishing boat, AQS, sent his own salvage after the drift ship.

The Eemslift Hendrika arrived in a Norwegian port this afternoon:

The Norwegian salvage crew managed to board the fishing boat last night. The ship is now being towed to the port of Florรธ. Its still unclear how much the damage is. The owner has told a Norwegian news website that he is impressed by the solidity and seaworthiness of the ship.