Also Porgy Franssen and Pepijn Schoneveld in new Cruijff musical

Porgy Franssen and Pepijn Schoneveld have played big roles in the new musical 14 about the life of Johan Cruijff. Franssen plays the role of coach Rinus Michels, Pepijn Schoneveld will be seen as Cor Coster, the father-in-law and manager of the football legend.

Franssen recently appeared in the acclaimed performance Peachez by Toneelgroep Maastricht. Schoneveld made several solo performances, recently played in Oogappels and makes the well-listened podcast PepTalk, about cabaret.

Actor Milan Sekeris can be seen in musical 14 as Piet Keizer. Earlier it was already known that Tobias Nierop will take on Cruijffs leading role. The musical will be played in the new AFAS Theater in Leusden, near Amersfoort. The performance will be played within the then applicable coronameasures.

The pre-sale of 14 has started.