Álvarez points out inspirer: ‘Long played at Barça, good time for the club’

Edson Álvarez sees his great inspiration in Rafa Márquez, former defender of FC Barcelona, among others. Especially the time of Márquez with the Spanish superpower impressed the Ajax defender.

In conversation with the club channel of Ajax Álvarez is asked about his greatest inspirer. The Mexican doesn‘t have to think long. In my life: my father and in football the sporting career of Rafa Márquez. He played at Barcelona for a long time, in a very good time for the club. He did good. He was always in the base and won everything. His career inspires me tremendously.
It ends with the question whether Álvarez would rather win the Gold Cup with his country, or the Eredivisie with Ajax. I’
ve already won the Gold Cup with Mexico, now the Eredivisie, he says with a broad grin.

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— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) February 8, 2021