Amateur club loses 37-1: ‘Storm in glass of water, all rebuttable’

Very remarkable: the fourth class F of amateur football in the Netherlands is turned upside down. HMSH lost 37-1 when visiting SV Houtwijk, leaving MSV’71 with two more games to play. HMSH chairman Bรผlent Yรผngรผl can explain the humiliation.
โ€œThere was an affair with us four weeks ago, visiting Quintusโ€, Yรผngรผl crosses from shore opposite De Cceit. โ€œAs a board, we decided to send the entire first team away from the club. We’
re trying to finish the season with lower teams and under 18 players.โ€ Since then, HMSH has been losing with big results, although 37-1 is unique. โ€œWe were all baffled at how fast the goals fell. But in our situation, I have been thanking the boys for weeks for wanting to finish the season for us.โ€
Houtwijk trainer Richard Douw worked at HMSH in the past, causing match-fixing sounds to loom up. โ€œAbsolutely notโ€, Yรผngรผl reacts firmly. โ€œDo you know why not? He left for SV Loosduinen and then took about seven players from us with him. So he‘s actually not welcome at the club at all. Because of him, we were relegated to the second class.โ€
Douw also responds and is disappointed that both Houtwijk’
s name and HMSH are being harmed. โ€œThere is a lot coming to us and I find it very bad that we are now being put in a bad light,โ€ he says. โ€œIt‘s a storm in a glass of water, because it’s all rebuttable. I won 31-0 before, but then the interests were a little different.โ€