Amateur clubs are thinking about a three-week competition stop

Amateur football clubs understand the strict corona measures of the Cabinet, but also point to the problems they face. Some clubs advocate shutting down the leagues for three weeks.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge announced on Monday evening that amateurs and youthful athletes should also finish their competitions behind closed doors for at least three weeks, without an audience on the side. Moreover, the canteens of the sports clubs remain closed, and they are responsible for the revenue.

โ€œ There are sounds to stop the competition for three or four weeks,โ€ says chairman Mart Vergouwen of second-divisionist VV Katwijk. โ€œThat would be about all competitions. Then you also have less costs.โ€ The President points out that the measures are in place. โ€œFortunately, its only for three weeks, thats a bright spot.โ€

Chairman Ad Westerhof of the Amsterdamse club AFC announced that he is in consultation with the board members of the club. They also want to talk to the KNVB whether there should be football at all.

โ€œ Acid for all volunteers and football players, but fortunately we can continue to play footballโ€, commented Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur football and womens football at the KNVB via Twitter to the announcement of the Prime Minister. โ€œHopefully all doors can be opened for everyone in 3 weeks.โ€

A spokesman for the football association KNVB says that first it is necessary to carefully examine what specific measures entail. โ€œFor youth football, the suffering may be overlooked if football is not played, because it is also a holiday. But by postponing the competition for three weeks you can also get in the knotโ€ he says.

Chairman Ton van Marrewijk of Westlandia does not support the closure of the competition. โ€œI can imagine it for the first team, but for the youth I would plead to play as much as possible.โ€

For the loss of income due to the closing of the canteens, the club has to become creative, he says. โ€œCantine income is one third of our revenue. If they go away in the longer term, then you go to the minus. Fortunately, we are a healthy association.โ€

NOC*NSF Sportdome

NOC*NSF agrees that the sports continue, but points to the difficult times that are coming for the associations. With the loss of revenue from public and canteens, sports clubs will often not be able to work without loss, says NOC*NSF. That is why the sports dome wants to quickly consult what extra support is needed.

โ€œ Good for the Netherlands that the sport remains open, both indoors and outdoors. The cabinet has taken understandable measures that limit our freedom now to ensure that we do not lose it even further later this year,โ€ says General Director Gerard Dielessen.

According to the sports dome, it is of great importance to keep a close eye on the health of the sports sector. โ€œFor associations difficult times are coming,โ€ says Dielessen. โ€œA number of revenues from a sports club are now completely lost because of the ban on public, the absence of events and the closure of the canteens. This situation cannot last long without adequate compensation. We therefore immediately consult with the government to determine to what extent the third support package is adequate and what additional support may be needed.โ€