Amateurs grabbed next to jackpot after transfer Ziyech: ‘Had been a power’

ASV Dronten came home from a cold carnival after the top transfer of Hakim Ziyech from Ajax to Chelsea last summer. The 27-year-old playmaker turned out to leave the amateur club one year early, which grabbed next to the jackpot.

โ€œAfter the transfer of Hakim Ziyech I got a call,โ€ says chairman Jan Bollemaat of the club from Flevoland to Football International. โ€œThey all said we were going to cash.โ€
A phone call to the KNVB worked sobering. From the transfer sum of EUR 40 million, two million went to the clubs for which the Moroccan international had played since the age of 12. However, Ziyech already made the transition to the youth training of sc Heerenveen and FC Emmen in 2004. It was precisely in that year that the counter began to run. โ€œThen it turned out that we did not receive any compensation. Very disappointing.โ€
If Ziyech had left Dronten a year later, the amateurs would have been able to face a ton. โ€œThat would have been a fortune for us. Heerenveen has received a nice sum for Ziyech. I would think it would be so fair if they would pay us a bit out of solidarity.โ€
If a player leaves from one country to another, FIFA rules require five percent of the surrender payment to the clubs where he was trained between his 12th and 23rd birthday. Normally, that amount is borne by the buying club.