Amateurs of Quick stunt against champion: ‘Ajax is nothing man, Twente is the club’

Issy Wevers is a happy man. The Quick’20 attacker scored against Ajax (1-1) Tuesday night and admitted afterwards that a goal against the Amsterdammers feels really good.
The reigning national champion had a hard time with Quick, a third divisionist from Oldenzaal. The amateurs held it a long 0-1 goal by Mohammed Kudus and managed to get along the side of Wevers ten minutes before time. โ€œWhat a good game,โ€ says the goal creator in front of ESPN’
s camera afterwards. โ€œAt last play football again, because we had to wait long enough for that. Then this is absolutely delicious, of course.โ€
The attacker of the amateurs didn‘t like Ajax much and was able to appreciate his goal. โ€œOf course I’m not a fan of Ajax, Ajax is nothing man. I‘m for Twente, that’s where I come from. That‘s the club. How it went? It was a breeze! We expected a little more from them, I don’t think those guys were at their best either. It was an experience in itself and if you get to score, it‘s totally beautiful.โ€

Issy Wevers of Quick’20 was happy with his goal ๐Ÿคฃ โ€œAjax is nothing man, I‘m for FC Twente that’s the clubโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) July 6, 2021