Amazing about skating Hoekstra in Thialf

A tweet with a photo of Minister Hoekstra skating in Thialf creates astonished responses to the social media platform. Indoor sports are banned since December and the ice hall is closed for recreators.

It was a company visit by the CDA leader, explains director Marc Winters of Thialf in the Heerenveense Courant. Wopke Hoekstra had tied the irons to skate a few laps with Sven Kramer for fifteen minutes. During his working visit to the north of the Netherlands, the minister after Heerenveen also visited Drachten and Groningen.

In Thialf, top athletes are still allowed to train, but the skating hall is closed for recreational skaters. That does not mean that the skating stamp is not allowed to receive individual guests, says Winters. The Minister‘s reception should be seen as a permitted company visit, where he is offered a few rounds of skating instead of a tour.

Under Hoekstra’s tweet, many people wonder why the winnerman is allowed to skate inside while others are not allowed to do so and everyone has to adhere to the corona measures.

Thierry Baudet also responded to the photo. Wopke is going to skate. Probably also secretly a high five given after that fun afternoon activity, the FVD leader tweets.

Hoekstra has not replied yet.