Amazing at action of Feyenoord fans: “Irresponsible and incomprehensible”

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam disapproves the meeting of Feyenoord supporters for De Classical against Ajax. Images showed how a large group did not comply with the rules of coronation.

Feyenoord fans wanted to give the players a heart for the squatter against Ajax, who was lost. The way it arouses surprise at Aboutaleb. Irresponsible and incomprehensible, he says to the Algemeen Dagblad. There are other ways to support your club, which are coronaproof.
As usual, the players expressed their gratitude for the support shown prior to this important match. The police and not Feyenoord are the party in this place that determines whether behaviors are such as to intervene, says Feyenoord spokesman Raymond Salomon about it.
The police decided not to intervene. We have reminded the supporters of their responsibility, says a spokeswoman. In the beginning, the distance guidelines were followed. But as it became busier, the self-regulating ability disappeared and the conversations had no effect.

Ðÿ¥ An estimated thousand fans gathered this morning at the training complex of Feyenoord for the final training in the run-up to the classic.Ðÿž¥ All images: @VoetbalPrimeur
— Emile van de Sande (@EmilevdSande) January 16, 2021