Amazing by artist after metro accident Spijkenisse

According to Maarten Struijs, the designer of the work of Whale Tails in Spijkenisse, the image of the damaged metro, balancing at an altitude of about 10 meters, is a work of art in itself. With astonishment, he tells DeccEit that he never expected that the work of art could carry the derailed subway


The metro drove through a butt block on the night from Sunday to Monday around 3:00 a.m. Its not clear how the accident could have happened, but the incident created bizarre images. The architect calls the situation at the metro station very image.

Due to the complexity, the recovery of the metro station will take some time, according to the safety region. The artwork has been there for twenty years now and Struijs never expected the whale tails to stand. However, the architect is not convinced that the construction will hold the subway for a very long time.

Before the work of art starts struijs wants to get his hands on some good pictures, โ€œbecause now it is at its best.โ€