Amazon creates miniseries on Neil Gaimans “Sons of Anansi”

Neil Gaiman reported that Amazon is developing an adaptation of his fantasy novel The Sons of Anansi . The original artwork is linked to American Gods through the character Mr. Nancy, who actually happens to be the god of stories (and adopts the image of the spider).

In Gods he sided with the main characters, however the new series will not be related to this plot and the Starz series where the character was played by Orlando Jones. The story of Sons tells about Charlie Nancys boyfriend, who was always confused by his fathers figure, who didnt communicate with him.

But when the latter dies, the hero learns about the divine nature of the parent, and the brothers existence. He makes his life much more interesting, while still noticeably dangerous.

Gaiman will be one of the screenwriters of the project and who will play the lead roles is not yet known. In addition, the author is working with Amazon on the second season of Good Signs.

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