Amazon TV series stuntmen on Lord of the Rings complain of poor conditions

Several sources complained to the media about poor working conditions for stuntmen on Amazon‘s Lord of the Rings series. The story swirled shortly before, when fans of stuntman Daina Grant started raising money for emergency brain surgery after suffering a serious injury. The dubber of which Grant performed on โ€œZenaโ€ โ€” in addition, Grant worked on the latest Mad Max, Wonder Woman 1984, and so on.

The money for the operation was eventually raised. Initially, it was reported that Grant suffered the injury just at the filming of the new series in New Zealand.

CBR sources later noted that the injury occurred elsewhere โ€” however, the story did not conclude on this. Recently, the New Zealand Herald published an article mentioning that two other stuntmen were injured at the show and they were not examined in time.

The project was called an โ€œunsafe place to workโ€ โ€” one of the stuntmen, Thomas Kiwi, who left filming in March, said that his warnings about the dangers of the stunt were not addressed due attention. In terms of safety, he called the series’ filming space โ€œthe worst place he ever worked.

โ€ Particularly this attitude surprised the employee amid the huge budget that the creators have. Elissa Cadwell also suffered an injury, after which she was paid $500,000 โ€” but sources say it was not insurance, but financial assistance in moving to her home in Australia.

As a result, Amazon representatives responded to all the rumors, noting that these issues are serious and all information on the network is not true. sources, on the set are trying to hide questions about safety and injuries, which were far more than the audience knows โ€” and are not reported to the special organization to reduce insurance payouts.

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