Amazons Wheel of Time renewed for a second season before premiere of the first

Amazon officially confirmed the earlier rumors โ€” the adaptation of Robert Jordans โ€œWheel of Timeโ€ was extended for a second season. At the same time, the decision was made before the release of the first, the filming of which just came to an end. Previously, the first small teaser was introduced with Rosamund Pike (โ€œThe Vanishedโ€), who performs the Moraine part of the Ayz Seday Order.

Together with the other heroes of the saga, she searches for the Revived Dragon, who is able to both save the world and destroy it. The project has no exact premiere date yet – the epic series of the author tried to transfer to the screens for about 20 years, until finally in 2018 Amazon ordered the debut season of the show.

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