AMD could launch DLSS analogue as early as spring

AMD can launch its own smart anti-aliasing analog DLSS in the spring when the next major Radeon drivers will be released. Journalists report about it. The company introduced FidelityFX Super Resolution along with a new generation of video cards, however, has not yet shared details of the technology.

Now it is only known that the API will be open and multiplatform – plans to launch it on consoles have already been reported. Evaluate the effectiveness of the first generation of DLSS analogue, thanks to which NVIDIA has made a lot of noise over the past few years, is also not yet possible – AMD did not show FidelityFX Super Resolution in action.

We hope it will be corrected soon. Potentially, this technology will help free up a lot of video resources that are now being used to render images in higher resolution.

If FidelityFX SR also takes hold on consoles, then the PS5 and Xbox Series during their cycle will be very surprised. Slide from the presentation at the end of October More on CCeit Anya Taylor-Joy does not rule out the appearance of the second season of โ€œThe Queens Hodโ€ Konami rejected speculation that she asked to be removed interview with Akira Yamaoka Another film about GameStop was launched in development โ€” this time for HBO.