American (26) perishes at baby shower

A 26-year-old male was killed by an explosion at a so-called baby shower in Michigan. The cannon that was supposed to reveal the sex of the upcoming child became fatal to the guest at the party.

Police announced the bizarre news this week. The small type of cannon was lit in the backyard on Saturday. The fireworks cannon had been chipped off many times without any scraps. But this time it went wrong: the victim who dropped a few meters from the blast, got full and had to go to the hospital. There he died of his injuries.

Four others were present during the drama in Genesee County. Three parked cars and a garage gate were also damaged. A police bomb team is investigating further. There may have been too much bulkhead in the cannon.

Victims acquaintances, Evan Silva, ask for prayer on social media. Previously, a woman from Iowa died on a baby shower by an outcasting piece of metal from a similar surprise object.