American beaten to death after trying to drive in on humans

An American driver who tried to drive in on a group of cafe-goers was beaten to death by them when it failed.

The man of 40 was evicted a cafe in a suburb of Los Angeles because he behaved in a nuisance. On his way to his car, he got an altercation with people outside. Shortly after, he drove his pickup onto the pavement to drive them on.

The driver missed the group and bumped into a tree. While the group tried to pull him out of the car, he gased again, and then came to a standstill against a wall.

There the group managed to get him out of the car and beat it up. By the time the police and ambulance arrived, the man had already died of the harsh blows.

Captured on camera

The incident was partly recorded by surveillance cameras. According to the police, the collisions were not serious enough to cause the serious injury to the motorist. However, those responsible for the fatal blows cannot be seen because the brawl took place out of sight of the cameras.

The people involved were interrogated by the police. Four of them have been identified as a potential suspect.