American boy (13) playing with iPad in bedroom shot dead from street

A thirteen-year-old boy was shot dead in the U.S. state of Alabama through the window of his bedroom. The boy died at the scene, according to the police of the city of Tuscaloosa.

The police do not assume an accident, but believe the child was not the target of the shooting. โ€œIt was a conscious shooting, but the teenager probably wasn‘t the target,โ€ said Agent Marty Sellers.

Numerous bullet sleeves have been found in front of the family’s home. There were even so many cases that officers had to use cards from their wallets to mark the place of the cases.


The boy was sitting in his room playing with his iPad on Friday night, when he was struck in the head. Brent Blankley, head of Tuscaloosa police, called the shooting a โ€œpointless murder.โ€

There are some suspects, according to Sellers, who called on potential eyewitnesses to report to the police.